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Just short of a year before the next edition of EUROBOIS—the Wood Processing Industry Trade Show—gets under way, no fewer than 116 exhibitors have already confirmed they will be attending this leading French event in the Timber & Wood sector.
Following last September’s announcement of the realignment of the EUROBOIS trade show to provide a better fit with the changing market and to better meet the expectations of those involved in the sector, industrial companies and manufacturers have wasted no time in confirming their presence at this leading French event in the Timber & Wood sector. The 2016 edition is therefore brimming with promise, with an impressive array of exhibiting companies from home and abroad representing the full spectrum of timber and wood processing businesses.
Among the companies already booked in are some major names in their respective markets, all regular exhibitors at EUROBOIS. BIESSE, CADWORK, COIMA, CORAL, HECO, HUBTEX, HUNDEGGER, MISSLER SOFTWARE, OHRA, and WOOD-MIZER are but a few of those who will be back again with continued confidence! It’s a fantastic offering that already heralds an outstanding event for anybody and everybody who has an interest in the Timber & Wood sector!
Conceived of first and foremost as a development tool for addressing the issues of the French Timber & Wood sector, completely in step with the government’s “Contract for the Timber & Wood sector”, Eurobois reasserts the importance of underpinning the French Timber & Wood sector and uniting everybody involved therein—be they major industries, manufacturers, craft companies, institutions, business confederations, or professional associations—in the scope of a single definitive event, a gathering firmly rooted in its region.

BIESSE is the world’s leading producer of machine tools and technical equipment for second stage timber conversion. At the last EUROBOIS event, Biesse carried off an Innovation Trophy award and has renewed its confidence this time around by booking 600 square metres of stand area.

OHRA is a major name in the timber industry machines and installations market. This German company’s response to the sector’s requirements is one of quality, modern relevance, and innovation.

HUNDEGGER, with almost 20 years’ specialization in wood technology and engineering, is a world leader in NC cutting centres for timber frames. Hundegger also designs other machine tools (board trimming, cutting machines, etc.).

CORAL, the suction system specialist, is the European leader in its field. With 25 years’ presence in the French market, Coral supplies equipment for the timber and wood processing industry, notably extraction and filtration systems for sawdust and wood shavings.

The COIMA group was founded in 1982 and its presence now extends across 30 countries in the suction systems, painting, and heating markets. COIMA offers solutions for all sizes of company from the small workshop to the large corporation, with machines specifically designed for the timber and wood industry.

MISSLER SOFTWARE is a leading French software vendor in the CADM (computer aided design and manufacturing) field and provides complete design and manufacturing software solutions for the wood industry.

CADWORK is a market leader in 3D CAD/CAM solutions and software for timber construction, building frames, and joinery. Boasting 25 years’ experience in this sector, it draws 90% of its custom from the timber construction and joinery markets.

WOOD-MIZER, the first stage timber conversion tools provider, leads the world in fixed and portable narrow band sawmills and bandsaw blades. Wood-Mizer also offers a broad selection of ancillary equipment for timber conversion.

HECO is one of today’s leaders in German screw manufacturing. A family company with almost 125 years of history, HECO’s hallmark is its know-how and the perfection it seeks in all of its products.

HUBTEX has been at the leading edge for quite some time in the market for conveying and logistics techniques. Since its establishment in 1985, HUBTEX has developed into a current-day supplier of products that meet the needs of production and trading companies for handling bulky items and goods.

Make a date in your schedule for 15th–18th November, 2016 to discover this new encounter, which is sure to provide a huge, representative offering covering the full spectrum of timber and wood processing equipment and techniques: 

 Felling and conveying machinery and equipment

 1st stage timber conversion machines and equipment

 2nd stage timber conversion machines and equipment

 Finishing machines and equipment

 Wood energy machinery and equipment

 Robotics

 Computers and software

 Assembly techniques

 Lifting and handling

 Wood materials