Besana Carpet Lab presents Planetario, a project designed and developed by Cristina Celestino which strongly highlights the identity and unique features of wall- to-wall carpeting.

Planetario is an exquisite ode to the past glory of carpeting, yet casts its gaze to the future. A scenic retro-futuristic setting welcomes visitors in a dream-like domestic atmosphere inspired by the themes of space and of its antithesis, the underwater world, whose elements are found in the latest collection created by the designer.

Her vision is that a new era has come for this fabric and its unexpected uses; this has allowed the designer – who is renowned for her natural tendency to transform and reinterpret materials – to delve into the use of this precious fabric. She analysed how carpeting was used at the time of its greatest glory, in the 1960s and 1970s, drawing inspiration from the sophisticated interiors designed by Nanda Vigo, Willy Rizzo and Joe Colombo.

“Although the present has lived up to – and surpassed – the 1960s visions of the future, we still bear in mind the visual legacy of those interiors and of those bygone days. So, I’ve projected the values and identity of such atmospheres into a setting where the dialogue between the three dimensions of time strikes a new balance.” Cristina Celestino

A modern reinterpretation of carpeting as a versatile, practical and rich fabric that – thanks to Besana’s great skills and 40 years of experience – turns into a customizable element, the focal point of contemporary design interiors.

“We are very proud to present this project to you today – said Marketing Director Andrea Besana – a pride that is deeply rooted in our hearts. We wanted to shine the spotlight back on this material, making it contemporary and suited for the ever-changing needs of designers today. Thanks to its unique features, carpeting is the perfect choice for any interior.”

The iconic material comes to life and interacts with luminous sculptures by Esperia, a historic brand and a symbol of Italian excellence that, back in the 1960s and 1970s, created – in collaboration with Angelo Brotto – a lamp inspired by an optimistic vision of tomorrow, a vision that was “projected into the future”, poised between art and design.


The Brera Design Apartment, a symbol of the Fuorisalone, speaks to the project, turning into a unique, timeless place. The sophisticated theme of “housing” expresses itself with fluid interiors comprising a series of spaces stripped down to the essentials: carpeting-clad pieces stand alongside iconic and brand new Esperia lamps, the latter designed by Cristina Celestino.

The first room welcomes visitors in an open plan kitchen/living space, with metallic finishes declined in steel tones, whose focal point is carpeting with diagonal bands, shaped around a circular carpeting-clad sofa and enhanced by Esperia’s iconic Giraffa lamp. The colour palette ranges from nuances of burgundy to aqua and teal.

The second room, whose metallic finishes are in brass tones,is all about printed carpeting: it hangs on the wall like tapestry and drapes the table base in tones of grey/ultramarine on a grey background, recalling the room’s colours. The third space, the bedroom, has flooring and a canopy bed tinged with soft hues and covered in a new printed carpeting designed by Cristina. The panelling, instead, is clad in solid cream coloured carpeting.

The hallway – a symbol for journey – features ceiling carpeting evoking a parallel universe, the underwater world, while quasars nestled in niches illuminate the way. The last space, the bathroom, reinterprets the colours of the 1970s – blue and orange – with high pile carpeting running up the walls.


The new Nebula collection, designed by Cristina Celestino for Besana Carpet Lab, evokes an imaginary flora, a veiled and blurred mirage between the cosmos and the abyss. An almost dreamlike vision in which fantastic nature lives submerged in an aquatic environment and deep.

The designer thus creates a surreal imagery that takes inspiration and mixes graphics that come from botanical tables with an interstellar world, which recalls old movies of science fiction, such as Tarkovsky’s Solaris. Besana Carpet Lab studies a digital print for Nebula that highlights the bright colors graphics on multiple levels, on a soft and thick carpet that acquires an unexpected iridescent effect.