A re-styling of the luxury hotel, that romantically overlooks Lake Geneva (Switzerland),by Il Prisma and Barbara Casati.

Cassina Contract has developed and manufactured custom-furniture for the rooms and public areas of The Ritz- Carlton Hotel de la Paix, Geneve, including desks, tables, sofas, armchairs and chairs. Today, the longstanding hotel has rediscovered its roots thanks to a project curated by Il Prisma and Barbara Casati in which harmony is the inspiration of every detail and essence is transformed into art, time and nature.

The hotel, overlooking Lake Geneva, intends to become the perfect destination to stay in the city. Cassina Contract has engineered and developed this project by Il Prisma and Barbara Casati with the specific aim of giving the hotel a new positioning compared to its competitors by enhancing its food-experience with a new dedicated space, creating the main meeting place in the lobby and enhancing the interiors to celebrate the Grandeur de Genève style.

The re-styling project of the interiors has been inspired by the concepts of art, time and nature. Art as the balance between inspiration and unique experience, nature as the balance between interior and exterior space and time as the balance between unique moments and their spatial dimension.

The main entrance of the hotel hosts a “light gallery”: an ageless style created by the soft light that enters the building during the day to highlight the architecture and guide the guests to the main hall, and by an attractive light during the evening. The use of cold and sophisticated materials such as black and white marble and glass further enhance this concept.

The idea of “The time of art, and the art of the time” is represented in the lobby where history, arts, the great majesty of Geneva and Swiss Heritage exude thanks to architectural lights, art installations, floral and natural elements, as well as historical details. The materials used are characterised by soft colours such as light blue, grey and light pink while the surfaces are once again in black polished glass and marble.

To further enhance the idea of time, the project includes a library where the presence of the Cassina furniture – Mario Bellini CAB stool, Passion seat and My World table by Philippe Starck, Vico sofa by Jaime Hayon- are essential for the comfort of the guests.

The corridors represent the idea of indefinite time, like an art gallery suspended in time. In the course of its history, the hotel has in fact hosted renowned international writers and philosophers.

Cassina Contract worked in close collaboration with Il Prisma and Barbara Casati to develop the perfect solutions to obtain the best results to make the architects’ dreams come true. The project unites construction knowledge, craftsmanship ability and innovation in a unique synthesis.