Information and analysis

WebandMagazine produces information on web and paper. It is a publishing house that brings together a wealth of expertise and decades of results in publications and specific information channels . Our choice is to operate in the segments of our market with “tailored” publications. L’Industria del Mobile, Il Legno, Struttura Legno, Sistema Serramento and Textures cover the segments of technical information more specific, while the publication Divisione Contract is responsible of wide market area that revolves around the themes of fornitures for hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, pleasure craft,  public spaces with a technical approach.

The  website has been realized to transform information into an interactive and immediate concept wich allows users to interact successfully with different sections: starting from a rich database, browse magazines on line (Streaming, Fare Italia and On Stage), a daily up date of news about products, events, videos and exlusive and depth articles.

 The best integration between information on paper and web, targeted to  use at best, the properties of the different channels.