Dem (Direct email Marketing)


The Direct E-mail Marketing (DeM) is a business advertising  that uses electronic mail, which can be very effective way to communicate to specific targets, it is sent to a mailing list of companies and private who have provided their consent and is being sent to well-defined profiles and geolocated.

In practice through Direct E-mail Marketing, you convey commercial and promotional information using database profiles so that the message is addressed to a specific target. The DeM, as compared to other channels of online communication, is characterized by the ability to focus the effect of the campaign in very short periods (for 1 day) and can than be used as a mechanism for launching new products or services, promotions and contests or as an instrument to generate new contacts.

WEBandMAGAZINE, offers a historical database which consist about 50.000 contacts to send your DeM and promote you in the best way and effectively.

  • DeM service, is appreciated by our client companies because:
  • It is less expensive than the advertising on magazines.
  • The return on investment (ROI) is usually very high
  • It is immediate, especially when compared with the postal mail: e-mail arrives in seconds or minutes.
  • With the DeM service, we guarantee the traceability of the promotion by sending data such as number of emails sent, delivered successfully, open rates of email, click executed and so on.
  • More than half of Net users send or read e-mail messages in a typical day.Enables you to send a personalized communication, with texts, photos, logos and specific links. In the case of clients such as trade fairs for example, it is possibile to add a link to download an e-ticket for access to the event, or  in the caso of companies, it is possibile to add a link to download an invitation to a presentation etc.

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