PERFORMANCE DAYS examines the cooling function for warm (body) temperatures.

After presenting the topic of warmth-keeping and heat-generating fabrics in November 2017, PERFORMANCE DAYS is continuing the theme of temperature regulation at the next exhibition in April 2018. The FOCUS TOPIC of the PERFORMANCE FORUM and the presentations on day 2 of the fair will feature sport textiles and their various cooling methods and options of how they can keep the wearer (more) cool. 

Proper climate management is one of the most important features of functional clothing. The wearer should always feel comfortable regardless of sport activity or even while at rest that means, not too hot or too cold. Particularly in the summer time, the fabrics and designs for sport clothing must keep the body cool or actively regulate the body heat generated by the activity as well as from the ambient temperature, which can also lead to heat stroke.

How sensible and effective cooling works and what innovations are available in the field of cooling technologies is the FOCUS TOPIC at the upcoming PERFORMANCE DAYS. The trade fair for functional fabrics is well-known for always having the latest innovations from the fields of sports, outdoors, and active wear on display and so it is true again at the next PERFORMANCE DAYS on April 18-19th, 2018 at the Munich MTC.

Program of presentations, workshops, and guided tours rounds out the topic As is the custom, PERFORMANCE DAYS tackles the topic – this time COOLING TECHNOLOGIES – completely and in depth. Not only will the most interesting 24 fabrics be presented at the Jury’s Pick table, many other information will be presented at the PERFORMANCE GATE (which by the way, has been given a new look) and more innovations at the PERFORMANCE WALL. Well-respected exhibitors like Invista, Libolon, Nilit, Schoeller and more are bringing the latest technologies. This exciting topic is accompanied by informative talks on the second day of the exhibition. A special highlight of this program is Dr. Jan Beringer from the Hohenstein Research Institute, who will introduce the audience to the world of cooling textiles, for example, in the area of climate management. In addition, various discussion panels featuring various experts on the multitude of possibilities to beat the heat: fibers, fibres, yarns, fabrics, and treatments.

All aspects of climate management At the PERFORMANCE GATE, visitors can expect to find all relevant background information about how cooling textiles function. The key is in the implementation of the physical process of evaporation to ideally meet the needs of the athlete – since the right measure of evaporative cooling can keep the body temperature in a comfortable range but, also the strategy to keep the body in a cool temperature range from the start, before the evaporative process begins. To learn about how the fibre cross-section, knit or woven designs, additives like carbon particles, UV absorption or reflection can all contribute to achieving this, come and visit PERFORMANCE DAYS on April 18-19th, 2018.

Of course, all new functional and fashion trends for summer 2020 as chosen by the PERFORMANCE JURY will also be on display at the nine regular tables of the PERFORMANCE FORUM. This time, the guest jurors are product specialists from the companies Puma and Odlo.

The popular lecture program on day 1 also provides the visitor with information about all the major trends in fabrics, fibres, and colors. Among others, designer Nora Kühner will discuss the latest version of the color card, PERFORMANCE COLORS by Nora Kühner, and journalist Ulrike Arlt will present an overview of the functional innovations at the PERFORMANCE FORUM. Other talks will be published soon on the PERFORMANCE DAYS website.

To stay up to date in the world of functional textiles, do not miss the following calendar dates in 2018:

PERFORMANCE DAYS (Summer 2020 Collections) April 18-19th, 2018 – last time at MTC, Taunusstraße 45, Munich 

PERFORMANCE DAYS (Winter 2020/21 Collections) November 28-29th, 2018 – first time at the Messe München in Munich-Riem 

For all those who do not want to wait that long, some initial information is already provided online at, the exhibitor list is online and visitor registration is in progress.

About Performance Days 

PERFORMANCE DAYS – The “functional fabric fair” launched in 2008, is the first and only event created especially for functional fabrics for sports and work clothing. The aim of the semi-annual trade fair is to give leading and innovative textile manufacturers, suppliers and service providers the opportunity to present their functional fabrics, membranes plus treatments, laminates, paddings, finishes, and accessories such as yarns, tapes, prints, buttons, and zippers.