“Because there is no one, single fashion trend in the hotel and restaurant sector, EquipHotel 2018 will exclusively showcase multiple trends, responding to each audience and each individual traveller.

On the bill for the 2018 edition: visitors will be 100% immersed in the design universe receiving a 100% experience! Something we are fully committed to: this year EquipHotel will distinguish itself by introducing a stronger design hub, part of a drive to move from being a generalist trade show to a multi-specialist one. You will see this global drive realised through a proliferation of labs and inspirational trends spaces. Around the unmissable STUDIO18 there will be brand-new exclusive and stunning content: Casa de Luz its motionless journey imagined by Sandrine Alouf & Thierry Virvaire; the Signature Space, with its dreamlike set design signed by Alnoor & Eric Lentulo of Etendart Studio; the Wellness Centre & its spellbinding design by Didier Knoll & Elodie Goddard; the “Cosy Lazy” and it’s rule-breaking room designed by Fabrice Knoll and also the Interior Design Centre which will transform Pavilion 3 into a real, interactive Neo-Agora or marketplace. For the first time, the visitor can experience the vibe of the inspirational and interactive beat of EquipHotel. Each of the show’s doors lead to an entrance area designed and crafted by the architecteurs to grab your attention and instantly immerse you into the setting of a modern hotel or restaurant. These entrances will also house the RencontreUnArchi advice area.

The STUDIO18 will be set up on a new, supersized scale, designed to be inspirational and inclusive. The visitor-spectator becomes an actor; living an exclusive experience by interacting with the setting presented.

This real rise in the power of the interior design and the positioning of labs in all the show’s living spaces demonstrates the drive to give the visitor more experiences: today’s shows must be a multifaceted inspiration laboratory.

Through offering a 100% immersive design experience and a profusion of styled labs created by architects, interior designers, atmospherists and other stylists, we are responding to the drive to bring together all hotel and restaurant professionals around EquipHotel.”