European linen information campaign jointly financed by the european confederation of flax and hemp – celc and the E.U.

Linen: the world’s oldest fabric is now its freshest, its greenest and its most progressive. From April 2018, linen celebrates its significance and modernity with a series of special events at the V&A museum, at Chelsea College of Arts, at John Lewis Oxford Street and Peter Jones Sloane Square stores.
Take another look at a fabric you already love.


Grown and spun just 120 miles from London, linen is a robust and smart fabric for both fashion and interiors. Jersey linen, developed via circular knitting, gives linen a spring and bounce that might surprise those who know the fabric best in cool, colourful summer shirts.

Pre-washed techniques soften linen’s rigidity and smooth wrinkles. Worn and used throughout the year, linen lends itself to blends or brushed finishes that give a cosy feel for winter. Composites made with flax/linen are gifted lightness and natural vibration damping – qualities ideal for sporting equipment such as helmets and surfboards, for stereo speakers and guitars, for car components and furniture.

Versatile and sensitive, linen is an everyday hero that is naturally thermoregulating, moisture managing and hypoallergenic; it promotes relaxation and sleep, and only improves with age.


Opening on Saturday April 21st, 2018, Fashioned from Nature is the UK’s first exhibition to showcase fashion’s complex relationship with the natural world.

Linen is the ultimate natural fabric and has been worn and adored by Phoenicians, Egyptians and Venetians, by soldiers in both World Wars, by artists and art-lovers. Fashioned from Nature carries visitors from natural history to cutting-edge fashion, via innovative fabrics and new dyeing processes, encouraging them to consider what goes on behind the scenes of fashion and the complex journeys that bring clothing to life.

Linen is on display in designer works by Stella McCartney, John Malkovich and J.W. Anderson, among others world-class names. CELC, the authority for linen, is the major sponsor of this landmark exhibition, which runs to January 27, 2019.


I Love Linen’s linear-heart logo is a familiar symbol in Europe following campaigns in Paris (2016) and Milan (2017). In 2018, London wins hearts as shops around the capital champion the beauty of linen.

Harvested in fields along the coast of Normandy, northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands, the flax plant is grown with zero irrigation, zero GMO and zero waste. Seeds are sown early spring; the pretty blue flowers blossom in June; and in July the plants are pulled from the earth.

The process is human and kind, under the expert eye of a farmer and a scutcher – who’s responsible for separating the woody plant from the fibre, an entirely mechanical process.

The greige-golden flax fibre is combed into lustrous slivers. Next the fibres from different origins are blended, like the finest Champagnes and cognacs, and spun into yarn, dyed, woven or knitted into linen fabric, to become clothes or homeware. At end of life a pure linen product is biodegradable.

From April 13th to May 13th, more than 30 stores around London will feature the I Love Linen logo in windows, on swingtags and on pin badges. Participating retailers include John Lewis Oxford Street and Peter Jones Sloane Square. Other specialist stores will be announced shortly.


Worn by humans for at least 38,000 years, linen is now the focus of a flurry of innovation. At Chelsea College of Arts, third year BA textile design students have been exploring the fibre and fabric as part of a special creative project. The work is highly imaginative and will be revealed, in tandem with the V&A, at a dedicated presentation of the next generation of linen at the museum. Details to follow.

Green, creative and innovative, linen fabric becomes softer and more comfortable the more you wear and wash it. Drawing dye into the very heart of the fibre, linen retains its colour over time. Age and wear bring an attractive patina.

The website will become a hub for linen’s most exciting developments, as well as a showcase for the entire campaign. And follow us on Instagram, @lovelinen

The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp – CELC – is the authority which unites the European flax and linen industry from plant to finished products, from farmer to point of sale.
Founded in 1951, CELC represents 10,000 enterprises in 14 European countries. CELC’S reach extends internationally by stimulating innovation and building on the values of natural fibres with clear environmental benefits. CELC offers traceability of European origin through two labels: EUROPEAN FLAX® for fibre grown in Western Europe, and the MASTERS OF LINEN® mark for 100% made in Europe products by spinners, weavers, knitters and interior decorators.