PERFORMANCE DAYS presents an unusually large selection of ingredients – from sustainable to stylish! 

Important for any collection is a perfect matching of the ingredients to the models. In the process, there is more at play than just the optics – functionality as well as sustainability play an equally important role. The next PERFORMANCE DAYS will feature more ingredients than ever before, from the latest innovations to timeless designs. Also, new in the lecture series is a detailed talk about why the “small things” are such important.

Environmentally-friendly production is more important than ever, and that is especially true in the textile industry. The deliberate use of environmentally-friendly materials does not stop with the selection of fabrics. At the next PERFORMANCE DAYS on November 28-29th, 2018, the exhibits will feature not only stylish and innovative ingredients, but also more and more sustainable ingredients with a focus on the current FOCUS TOPIC: Water – Our Responsibility. 

In addition to the Tables in the PERFORMANCE FORUM, where the latest fabrics from the exhibitors are on display, the accessories for this season are being presented on the newly designed PERFORMANCE WALL. The accessory categories are also highlighted in a new Expert Talk scheduled for November 28th, at 13:45h. The talk will be given by two members of the PERFORMANCE JURY: Designer Alexa Dehmel, who is co-responsible for the PERFORMANCE FORUM and journalist Ulrike Arlt, editor-in-chief at SAZ Sports&Fashion, who has long been involved in the communication of the trade fair trends.

The highlights among the sustainable ingredients: 

Topping the list are the zippers, several models are even color-dyed without water. In the dope-dye method, the granules used to spin the fibres are already colored. Also, the use of renewable raw materials is on the rise for accessories; bio-polyamides can now be made from vegetable oils like the castor bean plant. Another option for obtaining polyamide for zippers or buttons is presented by the use of recycled fishing nets. Even rapidly degradable buttons, hangtags, and labels that disintegrate completely in the soil or water, leaving no plastic micro-particles behind in the environment, can be seen at the trade fair.

Also, not to be missed: the innovative sustainable insulations. Recycled PES made from (post-consumer) PET bottles is used as a warm filler in jackets and trousers has now become standard. The insulations made from 100% recycled fibres have a surprisingly comfortable feel – there is no longer any difference in quality to the “new” fibres, the so called virgin material. Even wool and wool blends are increasingly used for insulation. This is because these materials are lighter and offer a very good thermal performance. Untreated wool fibres are biologically degradable in any environment.

The highlights among the stylish ingredients: 

A fashionable look is also a big part of this and the PERFORMANCE DAYS exhibitors have brought along a host of innovative, stylish ingredients. The print category (transfer prints) provides many extraordinary and sophisticated solutions. For example, deceptively real-looking lace trims can even be can be printed on elastic fabrics and delicate all-over florals only reveal their additional benefit – their reflective qualities – in the dark. Even functional shirts also become quite fashionable when printed with velvety surfaces, which is certain to appeal to the female end-customer. Ever more refined are also the reflective ingredients like cords and pipings. They have a soft textile feel; no longer feeling hard and synthetic as in the past, which ensures on the one hand that the materials do not become brittle and, on the other hand, that a much finer processing is possible. In the category of Labels & Patches there are many interesting new models and techniques; three-dimensionality, for example, is even more pronounced. New patches can be affixed watertight to laminates using a lockable rivet system, eliminating the need for stitching and costly taping of the reverse side.

If this arouses your curiosity, come to the Expert Talk and the PERFORMANCE WALL at the trade fair for more information.

Read the most interesting info already posted online Not only the accessories and ingredients, but many other exciting lectures await visitors as soon as PERFORMANCE DAYS opens its doors for the first time at Hall C1 of the Messe München in Riem in November. If you want to get ahead with your planning, check out the information provided on the PERFORMANCE DAYS website You will find the current exhibit agenda and much more. The major trends from the world of functional fabrics can be seen under the “24/7 Sourcing” tab – 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Similarly, all past lectures and all the FOCUS TOPICs and trend topics from past trade fairs are available in the “Library” along with all the fabrics that have been shown at the PERFORMANCE FORUM in seasons past and much more.

As always, the online visitor registration has started and is already in full swing. And yes, admission is still free in the new exhibit location!


PERFORMANCE DAYS — The “functional fabric fair” launched in 2008, is the first and only event created especially for functional fabrics for sports and work clothing. The aim of the semi-annual trade fair is to give leading and innovative textile manufacturers, suppliers and service providers the opportunity to present their functional fabrics, membranes plus treatments, laminates, paddings, finishes, and accessories such as yarns, tapes, prints, buttons and zippers.

The industry experts who come to this fair, sports fashion designers, product managers, purchasing managers, and decision-makers (see online: Visitor List) of almost every European active clothing, functional wear brand and sportive fashion collection, can find a complete selection of high quality materials available at just the right times in April/May and November. The dates are intentionally scheduled early and are optimal for summer and winter sport collections. All trade fair catalogs from past events are available online at Catalogs as well as a listing of current exhibitors at Exhibitor List.

The relaxed and focused workshop-like atmosphere at PERFORMANCE DAYS differentiates it from the other fairs which are often unmanageable and more stressful. That is one of the reasons why the Munich trade fair at the heart of the European sportswear industry has become one of the top addresses for new fabrics, innovations, and is the preferred meeting place to conduct business.

In the unique PERFORMANCE FORUM of PERFORMANCE DAYS, the visitor receives an inspiring and well-grounded overview of the new materials, trends, and innovations by the exhibitors. The PERFORMANCE AWARD and the (ECO) PERFORMANCE AWARD are also presented here.

Qualified guest speakers present special topics and discuss their collaborative ventures in guided tours, workshops and presentations completing the broad range of information provided at PERFORMANCE DAYS. Find the speeches after the fair is over online in the Presentation Library.

No entry fee and free admission to all events for industry visitors. 

Detailed information and advanced registration online at:

About Functional Fabric Fair powered by PERFORMANCE DAYS 

In partnership with Reed Exhibitions, PERFORMANCE DAYS® launches the U.S. sourcing event “Functional Fabric Fair powered by PERFORMANCE DAYS“ for the very first time in 2018. Staged in the Javits Center, New York, the event for high performance functional fabrics and accessories will exhibit the latest development trends in the functional textile industry and provide an opportune marketplace for the sourcing of high performance functional fabrics and accessories in the United States. The event will include exhibits, workshops, industry presentations and professional networking and matchmaking programs.