Poltrona Frau has designed and manufactured 2,000 seats for the new MGM Macau Resort Theater, which opened in February 2018.

MGM MACAU, the latest addition to the MGM portfolio in China, is a US$3.4-billion integrated resort which redefines the way people experience art and entertainment through innovative technology. Set to become the most innovative integrated resort in the world, MGM MACAU brings first-of-its-kind entertainment experiences through the Spectacle and MGM Theater, Asia’s first dynamic theatre with resident shows. It is also home to a unique collection of over 300 pieces of contemporary art with the theme of forming a bridge between East and West, tradition and technology – one of the largest permanent art collections in Macau.

Designed by Scéno Plus, one of the world’s foremost performance arts and entertainment design firms, MGM Theater at MACAU is the world’s first theatre to offer 28 million pixels of viewing pleasure to its audiences by utilising a giant 900-square meter 4K (ultra HD) LED screen, equivalent to the size of three tennis courts.

Over two years in the making, the theatre is an engineering and architectural masterpiece which can seat up to 2,000 people in more than 10 different configurations. Every detail has been carefully selected to ensure the greatest entertainment experience for all guests.

The reconfigurable seating, delivering optimum sightlines for every guest, was developed through a collaboration between Poltrona Frau and GALA Systems, the world’s largest manufacturer of under-stage equipment and a leader in automated multi-purpose halls. The custom-made seats have special features, such as the wooden back and armrests and are equipped with an aisle light and push & pull cup holder.

The fabric for their upholstery is produced exclusively for MGM. The MGM Theater at MACAU team can create custom arrangements for special events, from a traditional concert, fashion show or movie premiere layout to a 360-degree configuration for talk shows, product launches and international DJs.

Through an ultra-high-resolution live video system, the theatre is able to capture audience reactions and virtually reflect them at full size onto the LED wall, giving the public the impression of looking into a mirror.

All levels of the theatre offer guests a wide range of food and beverage options.  Meeting and convention planners can coordinate unique events using the theatre’s scalable design, paired with MGM Macau’s professional hospitality experience, to deliver meetings and events for individual and corporate guests.

This project has been an unprecedented success, raising Poltrona Frau to the position of the world’s leading high-end auditorium & theatre seating manufacturer. Audiences all over the world will be able to enjoy first-hand experience of the comfort, design and elegance of the Poltrona Frau seats installed in this prestigious theatre.

Photo credits: Scéno Plus and MG