Divisione Contract

Divisione Contract  is the international magazine, published in two languages, English and Italian, printed in large format, 29.7 × 29.7 cm, dedicated to the contract sector.

Dedicated to the finished product, materials and components for the hotel furniture, office, residential, commercial areas and public exercises.

Its target audience: architects, designers, specifiers, designers, companies of the sector, buyers and international contractors.

Diffused in Italy (40%) and abroad (60%) is distributed with 8,000 copies and published on 3 different portals:

www.webandmagazine.media (the Italian website)

www.webandmagazine.com (international website)

http://issuu.com/web-and-magazine (the archive of all our magazines)

Divisione Contract by the web, has an average of 25,000 views per issue

Periodicity, quarterly.