L’Industria del Mobile

IDM – L’Industria del Mobile, celebrating 61 years, is a magazine addressed to furniture manufacturers and interior decorators in the industrial and handi-craft domain. The magazine’s mission is to support information and technological update in an industry that is maintaining its global leadership role in terms of design and technology. The technology domains illustrated in the magazine include machines and tools, production, finishing, assembling and packaging lines. The featured categories of components are wood and wood-based raw materials, composite materials, hardware and seals, glues and paints. Particular attention is dedicated to design related to manufacturing technology and innovative materials. The magazine is browsable for free on three websites, www.webandmagazine.media, www.webandmagazine.com and https://issuu.com/web-and- magazine and on our Facebook page. Everyone could read our magazines from tablet, computer and smartphone.

Besides each issue is promoted through periodical newsletters which increases the global diffusion.