Sistema Serramento

Sistema Serramento is a publication for industrial and handicraft door and window manufacturers, joiners and, in general, all companies dealing with wood and composite materials for home installations. The magazine’s mission is to support information and technological update in an industry that is growing strong in terms of design and technology.

The technology topics will include machines and tools, lines for production, finishing, assembling, glazing, hardware inserting and packaging.
The featured categories of components will be wood and wood-based raw materials, composite materials, hardware and seals, glues and paints, glass and packaging materials, doors and windows. To better support this project, the magazine can already by read on our Web site and for all tablets (Android and IPad), Smartphone and facebook. The real challenge today, for those who work in the information business like we do, is to reach the largest possible number of companies and people in all industries and all around the world.

We will try hard!