Struttura Legno

Strutturalegno, the quarterly magazine dedicated to wood constructions, promoting wood as a material with the same value and relevance as others, but with all the benefits and added values of its peculiar nature. This is the right time, if economy allows, to change and turn each issue into a publication that lasts forever. We want to achieve this goal with a significant and distinctive focus, without forgetting all other elements that will still be present. So, to all exhibitions we will dedicate not just one issue, but all of them, because a section of each issue will be dedicated to each exhibition. If, as we hope, distribution will exceed availability, during the year we will reprint issues as required, achieving significant print runs to reach a wide audience such as the construction industry.

To better support this project, the magazine can already by read on our Web site and for all tablets (Android and IPad), Smartphone and facebook. The real challenge today, for those who work in the information business like we do, is to reach the largest possible number of companies and people in all industries and all around the world.

We will try hard!