For autumn winter 2019-20, Denim Première Vision is broadening its fashion approach and moving into new fields of inspiration and new markets, with re-imagined fashion information and spaces, a creative collaboration with designer Lutz Huelle and new seminars adapted to the changing fashion and denim markets.

From inspiration to materials, creation to realization, Denim Première Vision’s fashion information explores 5 main themes, developed by the show’s fashion team for autumn winter 2019-20, designed to inspire and showcase the richness and modernity of denim, along with its creative impact on diverse approaches and markets:


A streetwear championing contrast,with engaged graphics and powerful geometrics. Urban silhouettes play on combinations of blues, creating offbeat workwear shapes, bumpy aspects and highly extroverted visuals.


Sport steps to the fore and mixes an indigo aesthetic with functionality and comfort. Products combine natural and synthetic fabrics with added performance, and sketch out dynamic silhouettes with ever more refined stretch fabrics.


Denim infuses fancy evening looks with dazzling silhouettes. Looks mix together fantasy and boldly take on shine, while fabrics draw on silk, embroidery and lace registers.


A truly fashion-oriented theme where silhouettes communicate protection and warmth with odd, impulsive and friendly visuals. Boldly dishevelled, diffuse and random visuals sketching out a highfantasy winter wardrobe.


A tailored influence gives birth to a wardrobe combining a clean and detailed austerity with real color impact. Hybrid and sophisticated looks mixing suppleness and rigidity, neatness, heaviness and lightness together in the silhouette.