CentroService s.r.l. is an Italian company, located in Borgo Santa Maria in Pesaro (PU), that produces accessories and components for the kitchen industry. The company, founded in 2006, started its production by supplying base units, plinths and work top frames to the leading kitchen manufacturers in Pesaro. The market response to the excellent service offered has prompted the company to rapidly increase its customer base, managing to serve the entire national territory today. The constant growth of the last few years and the consequent need to increase quality and production efficiency, in order to remain competitive in an increasingly demanding market, have pushed the company to continuous investments finding, in Formetal, the ideal partner to develop customized solutions. The various solutions offered by Formetal, ranging from complex automated warehouses to customized production lines, have been able to find the right place, in a complex and articulated process, like the one that distinguishes the dynamic and efficient reality of CentroService. The ten-year collaboration between CentroService and Formetal, a leading company in the production of highly personalized handling systems, has led to the creation of various automation solutions including:

• Transporters of various kinds that combined with automatic lifts, made by Formetal, ensure that the material is distributed precisely and on time to each work center, allowing a fluid production without bottlenecks.

• Automatic production lines, made by Formetal, in which it was possible to integrate third-party machines coming from different suppliers, in order to obtain a single, fluid, production process.

• Smart unloaders, made by Formetal, which make flexible production possible in the various work centers, maintaining an orderly unloading of the material from the machinery, grouping production orders per customer, ready to be shipped. The collaboration between CentroService, a company that is attentive to new technologies, combined with the experience gained by Formetal in more than twenty years of activity, has allowed the realization of this ambitious project, which today makes it possible to produce finished accessories to measure, in total flexibility with a Just in time of only three days.