Together with its 22 business partners, tapio is creating an open ecosystem for the entire wood industry. tapio enables machine, tool and material manufacturers, as well as other partners from the wood industry, to use the same technology platform. This results in a rich ecosystem with sophisticated digital services and solutions for common customers of any size. tapio itself is a neutral participant in this network and is intended to act as a supporter.

More partners means new solutions for customers

tapio’s partners are currently working with tapio experts to create other apps with new functionality for customers. These range from transparency during production and improving service to tool/material interaction and optimization services. The first innovations have been launched onto the market at the HOLZ-HANDWERK trade fair in March (see below).

tapio also welcomed eight new partners: AKE, Barberán, Heesemann, Hesse Lignal, Hettich, Makor, Schneider Electric and WERKBLiQ. Support from partners has allowed the first applications to be launched already, meaning customers can now call up machines from various machine manufacturers in the MachineBoard app. Machines of further machine manufacturers will be shown at Xylexpo. This allows customers to monitor the various machines in their shopfloor centrally via MachineBoard.

Use digital products quickly and easily

In the tapio shop, customers can see upcoming products and activate them for their production. This enables them to purchase digital solutions from across the entire ecosystem quickly, easily and in one place. It also gives partners the opportunity to focus on their expertise in the wood industry and allows them to market their own digital solutions with minimum effort, as they no longer have to worry about IT infrastructure, service and back office functions.

In addition to the shop, tapio provides a portal from which customers can individually manage their own machines, digital products and users.

IT security and data protection

tapio works in conjunction with renowned technology partners and therefore benefits from their knowledge and expertise when it comes to providing a high-performance, secure ecosystem.

tapio products currently available:

MachineBoard: the best way to monitor your machines.

It is now possible for a machine operator to access all machine displays in real-time using a smart phone. This means the operator can access the machine in a timely manner and can respond in a flexible way.

DataSave: shorten downtimes.

DataSave saves all of the machines’ important data in a secure area, meaning that this data can be accessed immediately as required and the machines can be put back into operation quickly.

ServiceBoard: receive rapid interactive help.

If a machine reports an error, the ServiceBoard can be used to refer a query directly to the service partner (e.g. HOMAG Life Cycle Service). The service expert can then use this process to contact the operator promptly and to resolve the error live via a video link, allowing the customer to get back to producing at an optimal level as quickly as possible.

Partner products:

MESBoard (preview):

see the performance of all workstations at a glance. MESBoard, produced by tapio partner HOMAG Consulting and Software, delivers an optimal overview of all workstations via a visualization of production progress and push notifications, regardless of the MES provider. It also provides KPIs and visualizations, allowing rapid decisions to be made by the production control system.

IntelliDivide is a new product from our partner HOMAG that will significantly optimize panel cutting processes. The software enables several variants of optimization results to be provided to the customer within a short period of time. Users can then access these alternatives to meet the needs of the situation at hand. Other variants can be selected as an alternative to a purely waste-oriented result; for example, the result with the shortest machine run time or the simplest handling.

tapio’s partners include:

AKE, Barberán, Becker, BENZ, Döllken, Dürr, Festo, Heesemann, Henkel, Hesse Lignal, Hettich, HOMAG, Höcker Polytechnik, Leuco, Makor, Rehau, Schiele, Schmalz, Schneider Electric, Schuler Consulting, Venjakob und WerkbliQ.