The Judge scheduled a hearing of 01/22/2019 h. 12.00 G.D. for sale without auction , with any subsequent auction:

Batch sole

Composed by movable property, as wood inventories, and more precisely: raw materials, ancillary and waste materials, veneer semi processed, “block board” and “joined spliced veneer”, precious timber divided by essences, such Bosse ‘Bubinga Blaze, American Cherry AA, European Cherry AA, Erle ‘Smoked, Smoked Spruce, Ash, Iroko AA, Lim. Sc. Flamed, Colored Walnut, Walnut Colored AA, Satine Walnut ‘, Smoked Pine, Mahogany Feather, European Oak, Oak A Oak B, Tanganyika, Tanganica AA, Teak AA, Toulipier, Wenge’, Maple briar, Birch briar, Walnut briar, Elm briar, Poplar briar, Oak briar, Pine briar.

Auction start price is set at € 4,251,401.34;

Minimum bid: a base price reduced by 25%, amounting to € 3,188,552.00.

Bid increment: € 200,000.00 within one minute from the last bid.

Place and the opening of the envelopes and possible competition among bidders in the office of Judge in the Court of Nocera Inferiore

Offers to buy at the Court of the bankruptcy section of the Court of Nocera Inferiore, until the day before the sale or the 01.21.2019 h. 12.00, together with one or more non-transferable bank checks made payable to the office for a total sum equal to 15% of the basic price, of which 10% as a deposit and 5% in respect of fund expenses, or alternatively by crediting mode, by means of transfer or deposit on the current account of the insolvency proceedings n° 7/2014

The liquidators shall ensure to all interested in buying, accompanying them directly or through a co-worker , a chance to visit the movable assets for sale, within 15 days from the receipt requested, including by means of public sales portal, and allowing vision of related documents.

More information the registry bankruptcy division of court of nocera inferiore , at the Liquidators Dr. Giuseppe Petruzzellis office in Castellammare di Stabia (Na) on the street Bonito, 109 tel / fax 081 871 34 15 Mobile 333 428 99 31, email and Avv. Giuseppe Antonio with Pignoli office in Baronissi (Sa) on the street Trinity, 13 Mobile. 338 322 76 25, email and site, where it is viewable expert estimate, with the detailed description of appraisal subject to sale goods.