Cabinet hardware expert Titus will be showing its latest innovations at this year’s Interzum exhibition un Cologne , which runs from 21 to 24 May. The company will demonstrate the range of product innovations that are in line with contemporary trends in kitchen and RTA furniture including easy-to-fit T-type hinges fitted for a lifetime and newly extended Quickfit TL range of connectors engineered for ease of assembly.

Titus Hinge Solutions Support Trends in Kitchen Design

Titus develops its range of innovative products to support manufacturers of kitchens and other furniture with solutions that are in line with contemporary trends following changing consumer needs. Cabinet hardware is hardly visible, and yet it is what makes kitchen designers’ visions possible. With new and improved functionalities and a life-time reliable performance, Titus cabinet hardware is the linchpin in the flawless user experience.

Titus T-type, the Most Efficient Hinge for Tall Cabinets

The focus on open home concepts leads to clean, streamlined, uncluttered kitchen design with emphasis on functionality and kitchen space management designed to reduce installation time on tall unites like never before. Tall larder units with well thought-out storage space are true marvels of space management. Here is where Titus T-type hinge presents itself as the market’s best solution for easy door installation in case where 3 or more hinges per door are needed. With its 3Way snap-on intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting in three directions, mounting doors has never been that quick and easy, thus significantly reducing time needed to assemble a kitchen.

Fitted for a Life-Time of Furniture

Customers are getting more informed and increasingly exigent in the level of quality they expect. Gaps or misalignments, no matter how minimal, are simply not an option. With respect to this request, Titus performs perfection in details and function by supplying cabinet hardware and fittings solutions with precise alignment of cabinet doors – for perfectly aligned gaps and life-long consistent performance up to 200.000 cycles. Titus T-type hinge encompasses all the prerequisites ensuring reliable door closing even in case of accidental misalignment and comes with an intuitive adjustment procedure. Thanks to specific hinge design, superior door stability without sagging is achieved. Another important advantage of T-type hinge is that it has Titus damper inside. Soft closing assures above-average consistency of performance over the entire furniture lifespan, with no re-bounce effect when door closes. Low or tall, thick or thin: T-type is a unique solution that works on doors of different dimensions and weights.

‘‘As are the latest trends in kitchen design proving to prefer simplicity and clean, unobstructed ambiance, so are Titus solutions designed to make the furniture assembly experience simple and stress-free while at the same time providing reliable and consistent life-long performance. Our solutions improve the competitiveness and differentiation demand of our customers. These are the core requirements for the future,’’  said Holger Geesmann, CCO Titus Europe.

Spend 50% Less Time at Cabinet Assembly at Home!

Ready-to-assemble furniture has the reputation for being time-consuming and complicated to put together, with a lot of opportunities to make mistakes in the course of the assembly process. the fact the most people find the assembly of ready to assemble (RTA) furniture daunting is beyond doubt., so suppliers have much to gain by building a reputation for products that are fast and easy to assemble, even for purchasers with the most limited DIY skills. After all, hearing a friend or colleague say that they have never had any problems with RTA furniture from brand XYZ is a very powerful recommendation!

This means that increasing ease of assembly is a key ambition for virtually every furniture manufacturer. With its proprietary ‘CAFConsumer Assembly Friendliness’ concept Titus help furniture manufacturers to evaluate their connectors’ solutions and provide consumers with simpler instructions, fewer parts and easier assembly process. This saves manufacturers money as they need to stock fewer different parts, and they can also benefit from easier assembly procedures that boost their productivity. Titus is only producer who can offer the complete ‘pre-insertion’ solution in combination of Quickfit TL dowel and FastFit machine.

Pre-inserted Titus Quickfit TL5 ‘Full Metal Jacket’ with Push-in Design

Factory-inserted Quickfit TL5 dowels reduce the number of parts required, facilitate assembly procedure and shorten the time needed to assemble the furniture at home. High performance Quickfit TL5 ‘Full Metal Jacket’ dowel has outstanding pull-out resistance and provides optimum strength and performance in MDF, chipboard and solid wood. Its expanding steel sleeve gives reliable engagement in 5mm diameter dowel holes, allowing the use of tool-less Quickfit insertion technology across a wide range of applications.

With Titus FastFit machine the standard Titus cam and Quickfit TL dowel can now be inserted in furniture sides in the factory.

Pre-inserted connectors considerably shorten the time needed to assemble furniture thanks to less parts and an easier assembly procedure that significantly reduce the risk of quality problems and claims.

Simple and Fast 2-steps ‘Place & Fix’ Home Assembly

These solutions are saving up to 50% on cabinet assembly time with RTA furniture as they reduce the number of parts needed and the number of assembly steps. With the connectors, pre-inserted in boards furniture consumer benefits from simple 2-steps ‘place & fix’ assembly. Furniture assembly at home is becoming faster, easier and more intuitive.

Throughout the Interzum exhibition, Titus experts will be on hand to demonstrate the versatility and benefits of the company’s hardware solutions and to discuss visitors’ individual manufacturing challenges and ideas.

Meet them at hall 5.1, stand C11/A18.