The professional needs of door and window installers are at the centre of TWT innovation. At Ligna Hannover (27-31 May, Hall 027 Stand K32) TWT will present a few anticipations stemming from the research and development conducted in the last two years, such as the new cutting geometries applied to all tools.

Another novelty is TWTWeb, the software designed for the integrated management of spares and of the commercial aspects of job orders.

TWT has decided to firmly address the challenges posed by Industry 4.0 by giving shape now to a vision of the future in which systems, people and information are increasingly more connected. “We believe that the competitiveness and efficiency of the manufacturing industry and of wooden door and window producers will stem from two factors: innovation – in products, processes, etcetera – and digital technology” claims Filippo Pellitteri, president of the Trentino company. “In the last two years we have conducted intensive research and development that at the end of 2019 and the early 2020 will culminate in the rolling out on the wooden door and window market of a new tool concept that I cannot but define as revolutionary. Ligna in May will be the ideal opportunity for presenting a few anticipations, such as the new cutting geometries that we will apply to all of our tools so as to ensure better finishing properties and efficiency and a longer life span”.

A global offer founded on innovation

The will to offer clients new and state-of-the-art tools capable of meeting the demands of today’s markets permeates TWT’s entire range of solutions.

As regards the Win&Doors sector, namely the production of high precision tools for the processing of wooden and wood-aluminum doors and windows, the absolute star of the range remains 4Life, the innovative cutting tool derived from the merging of four high precision elements: roughing insert, fractional cutter, double clearance cutting edge and cutting edge coated in NaDia DLC “Diamond Like Carbon”.

NaDia coating is the second main area of the range based on the nanostructured coating of cutting inserts. It consists of a carbon-based coating that has a very wide range of applications and is applied to finished tool parts to maintain the final surface finish. The very high hardness values derive from the simultaneous presence of sp2 (graphite) and sp3 (diamond) hybridised carbon. The graphite ensures smoothness, the diamond hardness.

NaDia is applied in 12 layers, reaching a total thickness of 1.2-1.5 μ. This thickness, that results from extensive research, keeps the cutting edge extremely sharp. This is a fundamental requisite for wood cutting and prevents the ‘elbow’ effect on the cutter, thereby lengthening its useful life. The benefits offered by the NaDia treatment are many: better finishing guaranteed by a very low friction coefficient, increase in speed without compromising tool performance, longer duration that ensures drastic reduction in insert replacement operations. This results in significantly reduced machine downtime. The cutting tool’s useful life is lengthened by 250%, sometimes up to 300%, thereby eliminating maintenance costs.

“At Ligna we will present a few product novelties inserted in the GlobalTools program” explains Nicola Pedrotti, the manager of GlobalTools and Marketing in TWT. “One of these is CORAL’19, the new interchangeable and self-positioning finishing head with single PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) insert that can be used on all main edge banders available on the market. In addition to the single self-positioning PCD insert, that can be used on all diameters available, it offers fast and precise insert replacement that guarantees processing continuity and speed, cutting precision and very high finishing quality, zero vibration and low noise during processing”.

TWTWeb, a software designed to meet customer needs

The Industry 4.0 spirit is also embodied in TWTWeb, the software developed by TWT for integrated management of spare parts, but that provides the window and door installer with commercial support tools too.

TWTWeb contains the data of all TWT products so that the operator can easily design the various kinds of windows and doors, as well as the codes of the client’s TWT spare parts in the warehouse section. The client therefore has a tool that, when needed, orders the spare parts and thereby avoids production downtime and automatically informs the client about which spare parts are arriving and which are already in. An additional module provides the information about when a tool has worked enough and needs to be replaced.

Other tools in the package proposed allow the client to:

  • prepare 3D product presentations and renderings;
  • present 2D drawings and layouts to very fine levels of detail;
  • manage the job order with basic lists (glass panels, wood, components, etc.) and cutting measurements.